Taking Care of YOU During Unsettling Times

Guest Author — Jessica Heuston, LCSW

The world around us is changing quickly. We may be feeling anxious, stressed, or even scared in response to these changes. We may be worrying about ourselves, friends, and family contracting the virus. Some of us are beginning to feel very isolated as our only means of social connection has shut down around us. We may begin to feel helpless as we do not know how to navigate our feelings. The first step is to recognize these emotions and validate yourself. It is completely normal to be experiencing these emotions. It can also be helpful to remind yourself that you are not in this alone. We as a nation are going through this pandemic together. Here in this short guide, I hope you find the following information helpful for coping during this challenging time.

  • Educate yourself on staying well during the COVID-19 outbreak. Practice what the medical professionals in our community are advising us to do such as social distancing and keeping up with hand washing. If we stay informed and follow through with these practices we can keep ourselves as well as others as healthy as possible.

There are many different ways to cope during this difficult time. If you are finding it more challenging than usual to cope, talk to your medical provider as there are still a variety of mental health services continuing to serve our community during this time. If you are experiencing feelings of hopelessness or experiencing thoughts of self-harm or harming others seek out help immediately. You may call “911” or utilize ​SAMHSA helpline at 1–800–985–5990.



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